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Second Studio

Grow your Creative Business.  One Tool at a Time.

Welcome to your Second Studio.  Just like your creative studio, this is the place where you scover something new.  Simplify your business by learning and implementing one tool at a time.  Build your buinesss with the same intention and detail that you do your products.  Be the creator of your own growth. This is a subscription based service.  Anyone can join for $25.00 a month.  For a reduced fee you can become part of the Second Studio team. pay $5.00 a month and give 1 hour a month to another member.   A new tool every month.  Once we hit 500 subscribers the price starts to decrease. I am a coach acting like a non-profit or a co-op or an esop. 


Build with Me!

This is my Year 0. a Year of Co-creation. Do you want to be part of the community that reveals the real?  Connect with strangers through shared values? Share your story, I will share my support.  We will be building something good

for a world that struggles to find it.

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