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My Mission


Empower the creative entrepreneur

with clarity and confidence by bridging the gap between what is known and what is needed for sustainable business growth.





I offer both private project work and group coaching to meet the wide range of needs and budgets associated with business solutions. All clients benefit from my big-picture background and knowledge. No questions are out of bounds, and my full toolkit is at your disposal. I will share new concepts and proven practices that  become the bedrock for your growth, grounding you for years to come.

I believe success comes from an informed and energized place.  By learning what we don't know and listening to our strengths we can build new skills that translate into businesses we love.

After 25+ years of experience leveraging creativity to build business, I know how to transform artistic endeavors into profitable ventures.

A firm believer in the power of community, and recognizing my privilege, I incorporate pro bono work into my practice, with recent contributions to Refoundry and as a board member of the Black Artists and Designers Guild.

In addition to the services provided, key insights and information are delivered gratis via my website and newsletter.

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I Believe

01 /  Successful brands are shaped around their leaders' strengths

02 /   Planning is not a prescription: it is a compass and a guide 

03 /   We have the power to create our own luck

04 /   Money can be found but time is finite

05 /   Business growth is just another design problem to be solved

Let's connect

Finding the right partner starts with a conversation.

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