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Let's collaborate on a unique solution to fit your needs. I bring experienced insights, best practices, and business concepts to complement your creativity for decisionmaking.  My focus is on smart strategic planning as a building block for growth.  I am available for long-term relationships and short-term projects.

Getting Started

Whether you have a defined project or need help in pinpointing the focus, our first discussion will be focused on your questions at hand. I will then build a project proposal based on those needs. The full scope of the work will be sent to you in advance to review and approve when you are ready to get started.

My Process is Structured 

All projects start with an in-depth discovery session that brings me into your business in its current state. We will then embark on our work together step by step until we reach our goal. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions and be engaged in the process as most of the work will fall on you. 

Our Work is Collaborative

You have meaningful personal goals and for that reason, dialogue is as important as data. As I get to know you and your business you will also learn from my experience. No questions are out of bounds and my toolkit is at your full disposal. My goal is to provide you with the information you are missing, a business lense for context, and a non-biased opinion based on experience. All clients are life clients, with complimentary access to me for follow-up and check-ins.  


Solutions Drive Growth

I provide strategic value in a variety of ways. Here is a sampling of topics tackled so far.


Licensing Decisions

Product Line Planning

Hiring a Co-Leader

New Year Goals

Market Research

Measuring to Manage

Quarterly Goal Check-ins

Job Profiles & Descriptions 

Brand Perception Shift


My Clients


I work with emerging and established businesses or professionals in a moment of change. My focus is on smart strategic planning to position your for growth.  I am available for long-term relationships and short-term projects.


Click here to discover who I have created value for so far.

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