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Updated: Jan 31

When I quit my corporate job my newly friended MBA Emily Cangie who was working for Flavor Paper gave me this book.

One of the biggest opportunities during this time of uncertainty is to build your own resilience.

It is expected, especially when you are building a business from scratch, that your business will undergo significant wins and losses, ups and downs, zigs and zags.  These moments will occur not only during the development and growth (our steepest learning curves with the sharpest edges) but throughout the lifetime of the business.  

We’re in an economic crisis that’s a direct result of a global healthcare crisis. While this particular challenge is unique and feels particularly uncertain, the opportunity to gain remains the same. Resiliency is a key ingredient of any successful leadership.  It is learned and tested through experience. Now is the time to learn and test yours.  

There are 3 phases to dealing with a crisis; Respond, Recover, Thrive. As the media reports more positive news from hard hit areas like New York City, and it starts to feel like there is real progress around the management and control of the virus, confidence will build, businesses will continue to re-open and we will officially be living in phase 2 of this crisis. Now is the time for resilient leaders to shift their mindset from respond to recover. This is what that looks like.

Source: Deloitte

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