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Why hire a Coach. And "How To" do it right.

Updated: Jan 31

“Envy is in the service of whoever you are looking at. If you spend your time looking at other people’s better social skills, powerful connections and finances, you will become bitter and self-pitying. This will kill your art. You just have to get to work and find the multitudes inside you. We all do. Art has been with us from the beginning. It’s never not been there, and it will be there on the other side of all this.” Jerry Salt, New York Times

I could not have said it better. I would add, it will not only kill your art, but your heart, your confidence and your motivation. Gather information to educate yourself and then move on.

When people ask me what I regularly read or what podcast I listen to, the answer is always the same. If I have a problem to solve or a subject to learn I educate myself. Distancing myself from the distraction of what everyone else has to say is essential for me to stay present and focused on my own goals.

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