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Baking your marketing into your product is not only the smartest way to attract attention from your client but it is also the easiest way to achieve impactful marketing. 


There was a time, early on in my career when I worked in a large organization and didn't have any control over the marketing of my product.  I was leading a brand that launched product continuously during the calendar year and every time I pulled my numbers to check success of my product I had a sharp pain in my stomach, it was the same pain I felt when the marketing team showed me  mediocre imagery of the photo shoot and/or I learned that the budget was cut before we got to a major trades show.

There was something wrong and I wasn't sure exactlu what...everyone wanted to blame marketing..

but that wasn't going to help the situation...part of the problem I learned was that I just needed product that spoke for itself.  It didn't need to be positioned it didn't need a tagline it was so impactful on it's own that it just need some great photography.

I guess this sas really two lesseons on one...

Product is your best marketing.  This is not a new concept - it's actually a pretty old one but for creative compaines in a fashion busienss liek interiors it's really critically importnat.

You live and die by it when you decide not only what to do but what not to do...


After a year of putting hte product together I wondered whether I stood a chance at actually geting my story told. learned at that moment to bake it right into my product line so whether or not the marketing team pulled off their end of the bargain, I had ensured that my client could understnad .


couldn't control the marketing of my product and I learned the .  Countless times when working in the studio I refer to the formula needed to achieve an impactful launch a "recipe".  Achieving the right elements in the right proportion 

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