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Custom Project

Malene B is an award winning designer specializing in bespoke carpets, wallpaper and tiles for

luxury residential, commercial and hospitality interiors. 

The Challenge

Identify the right next step for Malene B to develop her brand + business

as an artist.


The Work

Business Focus   After extensive dialogue around Malene B’s business ideas and ultimate objectives, we landed on a sustainable strategy to sell artisan ceramics direct to the consumer through a digital platform. 


Target Audience  We created client personas based on Malene B’s target audience to add focus to her business plan + creative process. 


Style Strategy       After reviewing the competitive landscape for ceramics, and the past success of the Malene B brand, we agreed her look would integrate the visual elements of authentic historic African vessels, presented within the context of the modern architecture that represents Africa today.  The vessels would act as storytellers, naturally imbued with the history of the people, but styled to relate to generations of today and future.


The Impact

Malene B not only has a focused plan that is feasible and sustainable but she also has a strategy that is deeply connected to both who she is and who her client is.  Her products and her business have purpose.


Our work completed at the time Malene chose to launch BADG, The Black Artists and Designers Guild.  An iconic industry moment, making the vital connection between the history of her ancestry and her contemporary leadership of the design + art community that continues to struggle to be recognized by an industry they are a prominent part of.

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