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Product Line Project

The Impact

The Challenge

The Work

LWH needed a line that would

differentiate it from current + incoming start-ups in the space.


Competitive benchmarking + a deep dive into the business plan helped us align the values of the target client with the uniqueness of LWH 

to identify the line pillars. 

We created a broad common core assortment by category, easily customizable by size, fabric

+ design details.

We leveraged the unique capabilities of the LWH vendor partner for shaped profiles that would be difficult for any competitor to replicate.

Our category based strategy presented a full set of options to the consumer without overwhelming them

with choice.

We enabled a long term platform for marketing to promote both size and fashion customization

cohesively over time.

LWH was able to initiate their funding phase because final details for the pitch deck, beta testing + long term planning

were defined.

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